Covid 19

Single household arrivals

Regulation changes on 14 September 2020 mean that we cannot accept bookings unless all guests are from the same household or support bubble (children of all ages are included).  Please help us by complying to this rule.

We are now adapting Watersedge to comply with the new Rules .Low occupancy discounts are now in place. Please note the living areas of the house remain the same i.e Lounge and kitchen we are simply locking off bedrooms.

Please also note that under the new “Rule of 6” Master cancel will not cover these bookings where there are more than 6 guests regardless of whether you are from the same family/bubble.

For the safety of all our guests we have prepared a guide to help reduce the risk of Covid 19. Please take a few moments to read over and comply.

Our commitment to you:

Whilst our doors have been closed since March we have been concentrating on ensuring you are safe and risk free as possible during your stay. In line with government guidelines we have conducted a risk assessment . We will continue to review our Risk assessment to take into account any future changes to the situation. We have completed training in Covid 19 holiday let protocols. Our cleaners have been issued with non NHS ppe and the use of a fogger machine has been purchased to fog the property upon departure of previous guests. Although the cleanliness of our properties has always been paramount cleaning regimes will be stepped up further, paying extra attention to those high touch areas. We have removed most cushions, bed throws, board games,children’s toys (sorry) and books for the meantime,hopefully these can be re-instated soon. There will be no meeting and greeting , the key will be in the keysafe box and you will receive the key code prior to your arrival. If you need anything through your stay then please just phone us.

Before you arrive.

Remind yourself of our booking conditions, for those of you who have booked from the 1st August you should be covered through Master cancel. For those booked prior to August our old T&C’S apply.

No member of your party travels to our properties if,within 14 days prior to arrival , they show symptoms, have been in contact with someone with a confirmed case or are under NHS test and trace measures.

During your stay.

If someone in your party develops symptoms of Covid 19 during your stay EVERYONE should return home immediately . You will not be allowed to self isolate at our property. If you believe this is your right then further costs will be incurred to you for every day you remain and a further £500.00 admin charge will be accounted for by you the guest.

Before you Leave.

Strip all beds, you will find laundry bags in a draw in the bedrooms. Place towels in one, bedding in another. Tie the tops. This is to reduce the risk of contamination to our cleaners and a stipulation from the laundry company. Remove all waste to outside bins, remove all food from the fridge/freezer and especially bathroom bins. Please if the weather permits open all windows to air the house. Pay increased attention if we have velux windows and its windy. Depart by 9.30 am PLEASE, as you can imagine our cleaning regime takes alot longer now.

We have taken all measures to ensure your safety, however there has to be some responsibility by YOU the guests. Please ensure a strict hygiene regime and Keep washing/sanitising your hands. Finally enjoy your stay. Stay Safe!